Like literally. I must thank my sister for this one as well, because in the depths of my depression in the middle of Hong Kong while I was staying with her, admittedly she’s my older sister and loves to boss me around and make me do stuff thats better for my health.    I never tell her at the time and it looks like I’m not listening  but it clearly sinks in. She was living with a Canadian Yoga teacher at the time, who also tried to show me the ways of yoga!

So anyway long story short after my denied visa from Australia back in 2016, I spent 2 months on my sisters sofa feeling sorry for myself and being a complete bitch to her, thank gosh she loves me. So with the yoga all ready starting to be installed in my brain, I carried on my unexpected trip in Asia. After spending nearly 15 months traveling around Asia with about 9 different countries, I finally found my way with Yoga. I tried it in every country I stepped foot into and feel like I had the best and the worst experiences I could’ve asked for!


Finally towards the end of my time in Asia, before starting life down in NZ, I trained in Nepal, with a wonderful guru named Prakesh. Set in the country side just about side of the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. There I completed my 200 hour TTYC.

My bigger picture to a yogi lifestyle is the taking the time to stop and think. Breath properly and embrace everything. The added stretching and strength is a bonus. It’s helped me fight my anxiety and depression and put me in a much better place in life. Now all i want to do is help other people with how it helped me.

This section you’ll find heaps of my videos and tips and maybe sometimes I’ll pour my heart out.