Aww Travel!! Oh how I have fallen in love with this! I’ve done most of my traveling in the last 5 years but have always touched on it since I was about 14.
I adore other cultures and I’m obsessed with submerging myself into them, in anyway I can! Staying a minimum of a month to heaps longer.
I’ve made a heap of mistakes along my time so far and had the best/scariest/most wonderful experiences anyone could ask for. All of it I wouldn’t change! The people I’ve met along the way who have influenced my life in some of the most beautiful ways, I will forever be grateful for.
Without trying to sound like a complete wanker, I do genuinely believe that everyone should travel at some point, travel alone and embrace every moment of it!
Challenge yourself! Get lost in translation where ever you are in the world! Get caught in a tropical rain storm and destroyed my mozzies! Face your fears, bloody hell I can tell you I have! Few funny stories there.
Trying to hit 30 countries by the time I’m 30, which is now 12 months, I’m not to far behind at 25. This section will be mainly my tips, funny stories, videos photos etc.. rambles really!
I’m currently living in New Zealand and planning a trip back to Asia in February 2018 for a few months,  according to the sort of vague plans I try to make but don’t always stick top, however there’s still a few countries there I need to see!
Right enough rambling!