Who Is She?

About.. Hmm my most feared page if I’m honest!!

Lets face it, does anyone really enjoy talking/typing about themselves?! Well I’m sure theres some, but me personally I dread this page! Happy to share my silly stories and help people with yoga, but “About” me?? Well what do I say??

My names Laura , I’m a young at heart 32 year old and honestly in the worlds opinion, or on paper you wouldn’t say I really have “my shit together” however in my opinion I believe I sort of have? You can be the judge of that!

I’ve been around the sun many of times and now i’m truly ready to share my experiences with the world! 

Please enjoy my somewhat awkward articles about life, wellness and love! 

The yoga journey was a life changer for me and has helped me through this mad stage in my life, over the last few years. When the anxiety and depression started to creep in, I knew I was about to start a whole other level of self awareness. 

I live my life by simple motos. I believe life is bliss and we should enjoy and embrace it. Logical hippy you could pigeon hole me as, if you wanted.

I hope even just one person is helped in some way trough my passions and stories!