About.. Hmm my most feared page if I’m honest!!

Lets face it, does anyone really enjoy talking/typing about themselves?! Well I’m sure theres some, but me personally I dread this page! Happy to share my silly stories and help people with yoga, but “About” me?? Well what do I say??

My names Laura , I’m soon approaching 30 and honestly in the worlds opinion, or on paper you wouldn’t say I really have “my shit together” however in my opinion I believe I sort of have? You can be the judge of that!

British expat who’s been avoiding the UK for the best part of 5 years. Wishing I had done it sooner but still happy with my results so far. Currently I’m based in New Zealand and will be for the next few years of foreseeable future, but I do break my time up with as much time in Asia as possible. I work in the hospitality industry, have done since I can remember and soon one day when I’ve actually subsided in a country, I’ll open my own place.

Ok so no I don’t have kids, a husband and a mortgage, who knows when/if they will come, but for now I’m happy finding out more about myself and making myself the best version of myself I can.

I live for Travel, Yoga, Coffee and beautiful People.

I live my life by simple motos. I believe life is bliss and we should enjoy and embrace it. Logical hippy you could pigeon hole me as, if you wanted.