Yoga time lapse – May 2018

I have so many of these and the reason I keep doing them is to keep track of improvements and to remember some really good flows I come up with!

While currently sat in Asia waiting for my visa back to New Zealand, I’m coming up with all sorts of YouTube ideas I can concentrate on when I’m back home! But firstly to invest in a decent camera as my iPad isn’t really going to cut it anymore!

There’s a few tricky bits in this one, hence the me falling ever so slightly haha but that’s all good, I never claim to be perfect at anything I do, I live my life as a yogi but that doesn’t mean I’m automatically flexible and it shouldn’t feel that pressure on anyone! I was the most resistant person when I first got into yoga and after a year of trying all sorts of different things, meeting different teachers, some amazing but some also horrid, I finally began to realise to let go of the stigma of “being flexible and super fit” and started to enjoy the basic principle of a yogic lifestyle. Breath. I never understood how much I didn’t do this properly until I started yoga and in fact I think most of us in the world don’t breath properly, the stress of everyday lives makes us forget about us.

I can honestly say, despite having a few moments every now and then, yoga helped me fight off a savage amount of anxiety and depression and still keeps me balanced to this day.

Take 5 minutes today to breath, right down to the pit of your stomach and expand your chest, exhale well with pulling your stomach back in. Sounds silly to explain breathing but it’s this moment when I realised I wasn’t doing that a few years ago, did I begin to feel the difference in my own head and self.

Enjoy life because it’s precious and we can’t love until we love ourselves!

P.S I know there’s a few tucking in my leggings moments, but skins are in fact a nightmare to do yoga in! Don’t judge me! 😂😂

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  1. Darling who cares about the tuckings in the leggings, you are
    Perfect just the way you are 🌟🌟🌟 soooo proud of you 😘Xx

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