Bangkok and Hua Hin – What You Need To Know!

Honestly, I’ve had heaps of time to write, but after yet another beautiful month, in this fantastic country that is Thailand… now, while en route to Vietnam do I become inspired to type! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Normally I’m all over the bloody place, over night buses to here, there and everywhere. However this time, I’ve been in two places, two places I have a lot of love for, so that’s what this article is based around! Bangkok and the sea side town well small city of Hua Hin.

In comparison, well you can’t compare these two places. Two very different ends of the scales, but that’s why it works. The easiest beach to get to from Bangkok that’s heaps nicer and way less sleazy than Pattaya is Hua Hin.

I’ve also put these together as an article, due to if you are short on time and don’t want to spend the whole week in the city, it’s easy life! I’m not sure a whole article on Hua Hin would be honestly that much fun to read, however Bangkok does deserve an article to itself, but bugger it I’ve done it together!


Of course I’m going to start with this ‘Ting Tong’ or crazy in English buttt beautiful city!

Admittedly I’m ever so biased as BKK is, I think my favourite city in Asia, so far! I’ve accidentally spent to much time in this city, it’s been the base while traveling around Asia or sorting visa stuff out etc… but that’s what has made me fall in love with the place!


Naturally it’s the place most people fly into and with a population of around 8 million or so, this city is daunting! This I understand, but with all fairness to Thailand, with the acceptance of Don Muang Airport, which is a living nightmare! Suvarnabhumi Airport is the most well run Airport in Asia! Easy to get out of, with a variety of options to choose from for every budget. Everything’s down stairs to normal taxis, private limo no not the long things you’re thinking about, just a word they use, still don’t know why but whatever sounds fancy! To the local bus and even better the skytrain into the city. Pricing ranging from 40B for a bus to 400B for a taxi into the city, which you will have to get something, as it’s a cheeky 24ks away from town and there’s not really the best options for walking, however I salute you if you do walk! You are a stronger person than I!

So less about the airport…. I’ll break this down, otherwise I’ll just start rambling and it won’t make any sense by the end, but you’ll feel the love!!

Night Life and Food!

Haha yeah why not start with this! It’s the bloody best!

Thai food has got to be my favourite Asian food! And Bangkok does it well! From 40B street Pad Thai to $400 fine dining five stars type of stuff! If you’ve got to the point of not wanting to look at noodles or rice again because that’s what you’ve been eating for months, no judgement here I do the same, no stress Bangkoks got ya! Pick a cuisine it’s pretty much guaranteed to be there.


Going back to the street food quickly, please DON’T be scared of this! As long as it’s cooked well and it’s piping hot, life most of the time is bliss! Think about it, you don’t see what goes on in most kitchens, at least you can see what the little old thai ladies doing in front of you, plus some of the best food I’ve eaten is from street venders!

Great place is Khao San Rd for street food! However you can also just find it ANYWHERE! And because 9 times out of 10 they don’t speak English, the pointing and smiling trick always works!

just on a quick side note, that ridiculous looking burger is from the unicorn cafe! Yep a unicorn cafe, you get the theme! So if you want to try something just a bit out there, this is it and if you want for an extra $10 you can borrow one of the unicorn onesies and feel like a unicorn for the afternoon!

So the bit I think most people are more interested in…. Bangkok the city that never sleeps! Well in some cases this is true! Sadly I have to admit Bangkok isn’t quiet as crazy as it use to be 13 years ago, fuck I sound old, I’m not, I’m a pup at 30 but have had the pleasure yet disadvantages of seeing Thailand change so much in what is quite a short space of time. Anyway… that doesn’t mean you can’t have a banging night out in BKK!


To all the ladies reading this, No Bangkok is not just geared up for men, don’t get me wrong the backbone to BKK is a lot of sleaze with ping pong shows, hookers and go go bars galore but that’s all good, doesn’t mean you ladies can’t go out and enjoy yourselves, in fact I’ve found that sometimes my nights easier with not being offered ladies left, right and centre and the lady boys are the best to get drunk with, especially when it’s a complete friend thing as let’s face it your not going to take one home, unless that is your thing and once again no judgement here! What happens in Bangkok…. haha

Anyway side tracked… there’s some pretty infamous places you could end up for example, NaNa Plaza is pretty wild and a pretty heavy red light district. This is in Sukhumvit. Another one in the same area is Soi Cowboy yep that’s it’s name and as small as this street is, far out it packs a punch. You’ll find everything here and if you’re against the strip club side of bangkok try the ‘Screw Boys A Go Go’ which isn’t really any better as it’s a male one, great from my point of view and one of the best nights I’ve had drinking 90ml tequila shots with the staff, maybe not one of my finer moments but fuuuuuck it, it was fun and not sleazy because it’s a gay club! The last crazy infamous place is Pat Pong, known for the night market there, which is expensive due to its reputation, so maybe save yourself for the weekend market. Here you’ll be offered ping pong shows and in fact anything you want!

So that’s the more umm what word can I use, colourful end of the scale, but if you want a sweaty night club, head to Silom! Again ask the tuk tuk drivers they’ll take you!

Or if you want a peaceful drink with a sick view, pick any roof top bar in the city! Be warned though, have some bloody shoes as flip flops and vest tops don’t cut it in these places!

Do it… do everything that you wouldn’t do on a normal night out, because this is bangkok and you won’t find a night like this anywhere else!

Things To Do!

So if you’re not eating or drinking yourself into any early grave…. what do you do?

A million and one things!

The grand palace is a must and stunning to go see. Wear the correct clothing with shoulders and knees covered. Tickets you can buy there for 500B between 8.30 – 15.30. Otherwise you can get a million tours however they would normally cost you double!

Chatu Chak the biggest market you’ve ever seen! Yep in fact the worlds biggest market, with just a snip of 15,000 stalls, yep not a typo 15,000!! So if you want to get your shop on and test your zen then head here, it is only on Friday to Sunday. Easy to get the train to Mo Chit and you can’t miss the bloody thing to walk to!

Take a boat ride on the river! Now this is funny one as depending on where you go and what you do, this could start at 500B and go up to 4000B. Most Tuk Tuk drivers will offer you one as they work on commission for getting tourists to them, however these are the ones that can be quite pricy, trust me I learnt! You can also walk down to the river and find one yourself! They normally go on for a few hours and if you pay the little bit more you end up with a long tail boat to yourself, they’ll take you through the canals to little parts of Bangkok you didn’t know existed! Check out the floating flower market and take in the views of this beautiful city, including the Wat Arun Ratchawararam! Stunning!

These are all thing to do in the city plus heaps more but if you have time up your sleeve, you can always take a day tour out to the big floating market, be carful this isn’t so cheap, however a delightful experience.

Go see the famous reclining Buddha and an abundance of other temples and sacred spots!


You want variety this city will provide!

Whatever the budget from $5 to $5000 you name it BKK has it! Don’t get me wrong my budget is normally the $5 to $15 mark, however every now and then I do spoil myself to a fancy place, mainly when a girl can’t take a dorm anymore because I’m getting old!


There’s one road in particular which even if you have or haven’t been to BKK, you most likely would’ve heard of…. Khao San Rd! This place is insane and all those pictures you see of people eating bugs, scorpions type stuff, you’ll find here. Accom is aimed at backpackers as it’s lively and well doesn’t really sleep. So if you’re looking for peace, do not stay here, however if it’s your first time in Bangkok it’s a very easy place to base yourself. Not far from the grand palace and set in the old town, it’s off the train lines but also not difficult to find, as I would confidently say every Tuk Tuk/taxi driver knows of this road!

If you want a little more up market area with heaps of shopping and well it’s still not so quiet but you can find sound prof windows and beds where there isn’t people crawling around at all sorts of hours in the morning. Try Sukhumvit, this area has every famous hotel you can think off and with a bustling night life, places to eat. It’s a very easy place to find the balance and if you love shopping you’ll be in your element!

One of my favourite areas is Silom! I adore this area as it’s whatever you want it to be! Like I said my budgets are always quite small and you can find some wonderful hostels in this area for about $10. These I class as slightly better hostels ones which provide towels type of stuff! Also with Silom there’s easy access to the river!


These are just 3 areas in Bangkok of course you see how big this city is, its HUGE and I’ve tried I think every area now but these are my favourite!

If I’m honest i could keep banging on about this awesome city but will leave it there as you have to make up your own mind about it, however I would encourage everyone to stay there longer than 24 hours to get to grips and give this hectic yet fantastic place a chance!

Hua Hin

Beach?? Had enough of city life Β and 4 days in Bangkok has done you! Head down 3 hours south of the city to Hua Hin!

As a backpackers route this place gets missed, I understand the islands are beautiful and easy to get to from the city but the joy of Hua Hin, it’s en route to them anyway!


Geared up a little more for family’s, that doesn’t stop Hua Hin still being a good night out with some lush places to eat and the beach is stunning! No, no of course it’s not Kho Phan Ngan but that’s because it’s not a paradise island, for a beach on the mainland it’s sweet!

There’s few ways you can get there…

Private Taxi – 2,500 – 3,000B 3.5 hours

Bus big or small scary uncomfortable minivan – 250 – 350B 4.5 hours

Train – 300B 5/6 hours

Again the same rule with Hua Hin, its accomodation is from budget backpacker to fancy hotels, most based around the beach.

The centre is easy life to get around and is all within a few Ks of each other, there’s walking street where you can find all the bars and heaps to eat among the streets coming off. If you’re feeling a little naughty head to Soi 88 it’s a little far out but still a good crack!

So why would I make a point of Hua Hin, because of the cool things you can do around it!

– Mrigadayavan Palace. Hua Hin is the holiday home of the king, so again be respectful but you can for a mooch around there too.

– Pa La-U Waterfull and Kaeng Krachan National Park! This national park is stunning, wear comfortable shoes for hikes some small and some challenging. There is a small fee to get into the park and granted it’s an hour or so drive out to the park however totally worth it, you’ll find tours if you don’t have a car.

– Vana Nava Water Jungle!!! I think this might be my personal favourite thing to do, who knew a water park could be so good you end up spending 12 hours there! Admittedly I’ve been there 3 times and honestly hasn’t got old! It’s a cheeky 1200B to get in and with a bar in the water you’ll be wanting to put more money in your wrist band to spend! Easy to get to most if not all tuk tuk drivers will know where this is!

This mermaid picture is the only picture I have from the water park, mainly because I can’t be bothered to carry my GoPro around haha however this little adventure cost around 2000B and quite frankly it was the best money I’ve ever spent!


So that’s it, just a snippet at how wonderful these two places are and after another month in them, they still don’t get old or boring and I’m forever finding out more about them!

Happy to answer any questions if anyone has any!!



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