Been Brokenhearted? … Hope this helps!

Brokenhearted? Who hasn’t been there! Right?? 

Well for me to love unconditionally is a pretty big deal! Giving your whole self to someone with the risk of them not feeling it back or it not working out… bloody terrifies me! But in those moments to feel the high of being in love, is more than any drug in the world, so I’m guessing that’s why as humans we do it.

That’s the point of this article… to talk about something that we as a world go through and if you haven’t all ready, inevitably one day you will. Sorry to sound so horrid but even someone like myself who doesn’t love so easily, still gets caught out when that bloody heart wants to feel whatever it wants!

Depressed and living in my dressing gown for the first few days… yes! Being maybe boarded line Bipolar? Erratic behaviour is an understatement, with the most extreme highs and the most horrid lows! Not being driven to do anything!! Crying at EVERYTHING!!! All sound familiar? Don’t worry we’re all in the same boat! But it does end!

It’s in these moments though that I started to realise, that this not going to help! Nice to get it out my system but lets face it how long can you mope about for?!

So how did I do it? Well with some pretty out there strategies if I’m honest, my favourite being my “dream board”. (Ha , yeah I know) Anyway I like to be creative at the best of times, so I went and brought myself some craft stuff and built it. I stopped and said to myself what do I want to achieve over the next 6 months and away it started. Of course covered in the usual marlarkie of “You Got This” and Today is going to be a Beautiful Day” sort of stuff, because that’s another thing I stand by, subliminal messaging! Works a bloody treat! Put silly notes everywhere! Because there in fact not silly and so very, very true! (That’s probably the most embarrassing one but bollocks to it, you know now!)

Exercise and Yoga! Oh what a blissful way of life this, in the moments of not being driven, of course why would you want to go the gym or in my case Crossfit, but far out that feeling is just all to good after! I did terrify a guy when I was walking home, shouting “Whooo Hooo” not realising he was there, but that’s another story!

Make the bloody ‘Pros and Cons’ list! Yep I know you’re shaking your head like oh what a cliché but do it about yourself and realise your own self worth.

Get a calendar and fill your time with stuff… anything you want but something! I do love structure and when I have it, my mind doesn’t work over time!

Meditate in my case works a treat! I find it hard to stop and think about nothing, my mind works at speed all of the time and that when I’m hurt, is a horrid game! Slow your breathing down and enjoy the you time! 

These have been my main vices but I’m sure there are a hundreds other things you could try! Would love to hear them?? 

The biggest thing I’ve realised is my own self love – if you can’t love yourself then I believe you can’t truly love someone else and even though I did in my situation, I sadly forgot about loving myself.  It’s easy to get lost in relationships, easy to loose yourself and if you have got lost the heartache only hurts more. So be the boss and learn to love yourself again! Remember who you are and what potential you have as an awesome person! “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” Right? There I bloody said totally tried to avoid it but in this situation is just to true!

Find positive in everything, especially the bad situations! This one once I pulled my head out my arse, is probably the most positive energy I’ve ever felt and that’s a good thing!  The mind is a so powerful and as long as you’re in control.. Life is bliss!

I know it hurts now… but use this energy to create something wonderful!

Would love to hear any thoughts on this?? What other things have helped people?

P.S … I hope you found the cover photo as funny as I did!




On a side note  … With all this positive energy, I’ve decided to start creating online yoga videos for beginners, I’ll be going through Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas and Philosophy. Going through my introduction to yoga and that is a pretty interesting story! I want to help all the people that are in my position, when I first started. Don’t be fooled by the pretentious wanker side of it! It truly helped me through so much and I just can’t wait to help others in the same way!

I’ll be setting up teaching in Taupo, NZ where I’m currently living, so you can follow my trials and tribulations over the next few months with that.

I’ll be back on the road towards the end of the year and can’t wait to be traveling again and living out of a backpack! Also I’ll be doing some more yoga TTC  #girlswhotravel #travelasia

This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to get stuck into this journey!

Enjoy Guys!




  1. Hey girl. I went through something similar for the most of last year, and packing up my bags and moving to Europe (and now Thailand) has really helped. I’ve dedicated more time to be a little selfish and do what I want, with other time dedicated to trying to be a good English teacher.

    You’re always welcome to come pop up to Thailand, I’d love to see ya.

    Best of luck with your yoga. I’m sure you’ll do great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Holla Myra! How’s it going?! Thanks for the comment! 100% Love and respect for you my friend! Yes I will be sure to pop in and say heyy next time I’m there! Which won’t be too far away! 🙂


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