Anxiety – We Have So Much To Learn!

Ok so you want to hear something ridiculous yet hilarious?!

This is the 4th time I’ve started an article, the other ones being titled,

. Overthinking

.Having A Bad Day… is OK!

.Putting Up Emotional Walls

Well in fact what I truly want to type about and what all of these lead to one thing and that’s anxiety. This has been my demon for the last 3 years and despite being a little better today, I still have my moments where it’s just unbearable. It takes over everything, ruining everything and leaving a path of devastation behind it. The crippling feeling in your stomach, trying to hide your shaking hands. You get the point, It’s a Bitch!! It’s making me a little anxious typing the bloody thing, but balls to the wall, I’m going for it!

So for the past 3 years and counting, I’m still fighting it. I do this in a variety of ways without any aid of meds, I don’t have anything against them in one way but do believe heavily in will power and opening your mind. Don’t worry I won’t go to hippy, but be warned there’s a little.

# Learn How to Breath Properly! We as a world don’t take the time to stop. Our busy lives and consent time schedules, make us forget. Taking 5 big deep breaths, right down to my stomach and all through my lungs, breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 5 seconds and exhaling for 6 seconds. Pure Bliss! I do them when I wake up and just before I go to sleep.

# Yoga is a huge back bone to help keep mine under control. Not only the breathing side of things but keeping myself fit. The balance of yoga is fantastic and I understand it doesn’t work for everyone, but for me it has been life saver. I’m sure I’ll type an article on that story one day! It’s pretty funny! Exercising I also find helps a lot, I’ve recently found a love for Crossfit, due to my crazy mate who teaches it, what a babe, I do admire and love the shit out of that woman. Heaps of endorphins all over the place after a mental session, woo! Love it!

# Meditate! This has been the hardest thing for me to take on, but realising to, stop and think about nothing for 5 – 15 mins a day, does me bloody wonders! Honestly, nope I can barley get past or even reach 15 mins sometimes, but never the less I try! For me it’s an over active mind that increases the anxiety, which if you can learn how to deal with in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing. As long as it doesn’t take over! Shutting down and thinking about nothing, helps me clear my thought process and proceed with life! There’s a variety of different ways to meditate, I prefer the slightly open eyed way, where you concentrate on a certain object. As if I’m in the dark with my eyes closed, my mind can wonder just that little bit more!

# Talk About It! Now admittedly I don’t always pull this off! Maybe thats why currently Im hiding behind a computer screen and talking about it, however I do try! Granted I understand how difficult it can be to speak up about it, but its amazing how many other people do suffer from it and how understanding most people can be and if there not, well that’s there fault not yours!

# Telling Yourself NO!!!! – Granted this one is a little out there but for some reason it seems to work for me! Now if you want to just do it in your head by all means go for, but if you want to seem a little mental about it then look in the mirror!! (Look don’t knock it until you try it!!)

Most importantly… Just go for it! No matter how clammy your hands are getting, no matter how much you feel yourself shaking or your stomach is tied in knots… truly face this shit head on!!

I still get all these feelings, sometimes worse, sometimes not quiet as extreme. But I know in my head and heart that it isn’t permanent. So I do all of these tactics and get the fuck past it, until it shows it’s filthy self again! Someone once described it to much in a way that made a lot of sense… our minds are like spray cans, all shooting in the same direction and sometimes one of those spray cans can get knocked out of place, it’s on you to put it back where it belongs!

I’m not typing this article to preach and tell everybody my way is correct, because it’s bloody not, but it is what works for me and has helped me get through the last 3 years of hell with it! So this just my way of developing more awareness of the subject! Plus I feel amazed I’ve managed to get this down! Now all I gotta do is find the balls to publish the thing!

It’s amazing how we can make ourselves look from an outside point of view. When I do talk about it, the biggest response I get is that, people never would’ve guessed. To be honest though, unless I’ve got a huge sign stuck on my forehead how would you know?! I’m good at hiding the shaking hands. The point being don’t judge a book by it’s cover, know body trill knows what’s going on in peoples heads!

I’m alway open mined to try new things to fight it, feel free to drop a comment!!

I hope this has helped someone – somewhere!




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