Fresh Off The Boat…. Moving to New Zealand


How blessed I am to be able to call this place home for a short while. Moving to New Zealand was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

This country is stunning, in every single way! From the people to the landscape and in all  honesty I haven’t even begun to touch the sides of this fantastic place.

Currently I’m living in Taupo, smack bang in the middle of the North Island, famous for a lake that can fit Singapore into it, (the picture above is just one snippet of it) and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing showcasing Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings films. Taupo is a seasonal place so despite being very sleepy in the winter, this place comes to life in the summer, with people from across the country flocking down for the day/weekend or even longer. Travellers come from far and wide and I personally will be working like a mad woman! There’s an abundance of things to do, like hikes, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake, why not try out a skydive, bungy or cannon swing! If thats to much take a visit to the Maori Village or even give glass blowing a go. Whatever tickles your fancy, theres something for everyone in Taupo. It’s a peaceful life with things to do and a wonderful community.

Taupo sunset 1

Sunset from my mates balcony. Pure Bliss! So blessed to be able to see this most if not all nights!

Raglan Waikato District

raglan 2

Picture above is RaglanWaikato District. 

This was last weeks adventures, it’s only about 2.5 hours away from Taupo, towards the North-West. This place is so quaint and wonderful, with every other shop front being a hipster coffee shop or a place to do some yoga. Of course suits me! With this place being so small, yes a tiny population of nearly 3000 and the centre being maybe a 10km squared. It truly is bliss! People walking with no shoes on but a huge smile! In-between the lush places to eat and exercise you’ll find the gaps filed with hippy, arty shops pumping out the smell of incense! Perfect! Combined with being on the beach this place is a must do when in NZ.

raglan 1

Beach!!! Awesome black sand and the most interesting tide I’ve ver seen!


I’m incredibly lucky to have my visa until January 2019. I would encourage anyone to try this wonderful country out. Can not bloody wait to get my teeth stuck into the rest of it!


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