Finding Time For Yourself…


Right, so lets face it, this is a funny old subject. I personally believe in about finding the time for yourself and stand by enjoying your own company. Don’t get me wrong I’m surrounded by my stunning beautiful friends, who are wonderful and I wouldn’t change them for the world! I in fact love being surrounded by people, but I also bloody love my own time. Now the reason I’m typing this up is because that at this exact moment is what I’m doing. Tucked away in a coffee shop, drinking the biggest latte they have, which if I’m honest is never bloody big enough. My arms are still shaking from the Crossfit at 6.30am, the music that is currently in my ears, is some form of drum and bass, which admittedly is making me want to dance like a tool, I’m typing really loud because I don’t understand how to type quietly and smirking at everything, because I’m a smiler. But the point of this is… Bollocks to it! Yep I maybe sort of look like a dick, but I’m a happy one!

This is the problem I believe, is that people fear doing stuff on there own. I bloody did, until I let go of every fuck I ever gave about other peoples opinions. Ha ok a little extremely put but seriously, if you can’t laugh at yourself then what truly can you laugh at!? Dance like no one is watching , smile until your face hurts and treat everyone how you expect to be treated! Ok going off point a little there, anyway despite if you think you always ‘need’ to be around people, I can’t stress enough to change that ‘need’ to ‘want’ , you choose on your terms and nobody else’s. As I’ll mention this a hundred times thru out this blog, but really truly find the balance between it.

Nope I’m not telling everyone to go mental and bugger the world off, I’m backing the point of being truly happy within yourself. I’m 29 and honestly only just started figuring this out in the last 2/3 years of my life! Ha wish I figured it before but thats also cool! I always thought that I needed people to make me happy, which admittedly I sort of do in a strange way, as I personally feed off peoples energies, the good and the bad, so without going one step to hippy for you all, as I’m sure there will be many hippy articles, I still have heaps of people in my life but I also spend heaps of time by myself.

I appreciate that sometimes life is a bitch and you can’t always find time to wank it about in a coffee shop for an hour or so, I don’t know maybe you’ve got heaps of kids a demanding partner or work 80+ hours a week, also get all this too. So find 5 minutes! Yep 5mins to meditate/stare at a wall or just keep your eyes closed and not think about anything. The point being, its all about that YOU time!! I need a few hours a week some people need days and others just need 5 mins, whatever suits you the best then find it and roll with it!

So this is a strange one… How many of you have been to the cinema by yourself?? Surprisingly people look at me like I’m a raving nutter when I say I’m happy to go by myself and I have, many of times. You don’t really need to go with anyone? Know body bloody talks through it? Right? Don’t get me wrong theres been one or two times where it’s been great film and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, but again that’s also fine! I just tell one of my mates when I next see them. Seriously though think about it!? I feel like the pressure of the world we live in can also give people a false sense of what is the “norm” and bollocks to that as well. There is no “norm” we don’t have to be married by a certain time, we don’t have to have kids by a certain time and we most certainly don’t have to be stuck to someones hip for happiness.

It’s made me a better person, more confident and truly happy!

Well that’s my morning rant over! Ha but seriously this article isn’t meant to be negative, it’s my own personal experience and I adore the fact that I can now truly give people what they deserve from me. Happiness, Love and Honesty!

Give it a try! XX





  1. Hey, hey, I stumbled accross this blog, i never bother reading them much anyway but your openess true to the fact got me hooked to read it all and I personal wanna say, spot on chic. its totally on the level. thanks for sharing = )

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  2. Awe, thanks for your reply. Its appreciated and from reading your blog, Its clearly evident you have achieved a direct connection to the matter at heart and you shown your own in it. A core value of the soul, its expressed with total accuracy. Nice to meet you Laura.

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