My Love For Asia…

These 3 sum up Asia for me!!! Haha!


Awe Asia! Asia!.. Asia! Where do I begin! Not quiet got them all down yet but a good chunk. I adore how different all the countries are, from culture to landscape, religious influences and the variety of stunning and delicious foods each wonderful country offers.

Koh Phangan 1



If you want a shock about life, go to Asia!

My first experience of travelling, was China! Haha yep China, so admittedly everything seemed a little easy after that. My mental sister decided that one-day when I was a wee pup (17) and her (19) thought it would be a good idea too go and to this day I still thank her for dragging my arse to it! Bonnie the more well travelled one at the time, had to put up with me, umm well whats the most pleasant way I can put this, getting used to the idea of travelling. Ha Poor Bonnie!

Since then, I’ve always dabbled in Asia, mainly Thailand but the last 5 years, I’ve gone nuts, with a massive stint of 16 Months and 6 months here and there.

My goal see every country in Asia, which technically is 51 including the middle east!


I’ve made heaps of mistakes, got myself into silly situations and learnt most stuff the hard way!

So the point of my next articles about travelling, will be to help, talk about my favourite spots and hopefully entertain you all with some funny stories!

These will never end, as I’m not sure when or if I’ll ever stop travelling!





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