Can’t believe I’ve done this…

OK so admittedly, I’m not really the sort of person to right a blog, more of the “creative” type, they used to say and never really that good at spelling if I’m completely honest, so for this i will apologise in advance!

However despite being also a bit of a technophobe I decided to give this blog marlarkie a go!

The last 5 years have been insane and life changing for me and I have to many funny/terrifying stories and tips to share.

I’m soon approaching 30 and have shook off the fear of the “norm” I don’t have a mortgage, kids a real job, hell I don’t even currently really have a country to live in permanently, but the point is I am truly happy! I have a vague plan and that’s cool!

The more modern day hippy if you had to pigeon hole me for something. Life truly is beautiful and people fascinate me everyday!

Anyway with fear of me waffling on, I’ll get to the point. This blog will mostly be me wearing my heart on my sleeve, trying to be funny and trying to make peoples lives a little easier learning from my mistakes! Mixed up with to many travel, coffee and yoga refs!

Enjoy Beauts!

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