Been Brokenhearted? … Hope this helps!

Brokenhearted? Who hasn’t been there! Right?? 

Well for me to love unconditionally is a pretty big deal! Giving your whole self to someone with the risk of them not feeling it back or it not working out… bloody terrifies me! But in those moments to feel the high of being in love, is more than any drug in the world, so I’m guessing that’s why as humans we do it.

That’s the point of this article… to talk about something that we as a world go through and if you haven’t all ready, inevitably one day you will. Sorry to sound so horrid but even someone like myself who doesn’t love so easily, still gets caught out when that bloody heart wants to feel whatever it wants!

Depressed and living in my dressing gown for the first few days… yes! Being maybe boarded line Bipolar? Erratic behaviour is an understatement, with the most extreme highs and the most horrid lows! Not being driven to do anything!! Crying at EVERYTHING!!! All sound familiar? Don’t worry we’re all in the same boat! But it does end!

It’s in these moments though that I started to realise, that this not going to help! Nice to get it out my system but lets face it how long can you mope about for?!

So how did I do it? Well with some pretty out there strategies if I’m honest, my favourite being my “dream board”. (Ha , yeah I know) Anyway I like to be creative at the best of times, so I went and brought myself some craft stuff and built it. I stopped and said to myself what do I want to achieve over the next 6 months and away it started. Of course covered in the usual marlarkie of “You Got This” and Today is going to be a Beautiful Day” sort of stuff, because that’s another thing I stand by, subliminal messaging! Works a bloody treat! Put silly notes everywhere! Because there in fact not silly and so very, very true! (That’s probably the most embarrassing one but bollocks to it, you know now!)

Exercise and Yoga! Oh what a blissful way of life this, in the moments of not being driven, of course why would you want to go the gym or in my case Crossfit, but far out that feeling is just all to good after! I did terrify a guy when I was walking home, shouting “Whooo Hooo” not realising he was there, but that’s another story!

Make the bloody ‘Pros and Cons’ list! Yep I know you’re shaking your head like oh what a cliché but do it about yourself and realise your own self worth.

Get a calendar and fill your time with stuff… anything you want but something! I do love structure and when I have it, my mind doesn’t work over time!

Meditate in my case works a treat! I find it hard to stop and think about nothing, my mind works at speed all of the time and that when I’m hurt, is a horrid game! Slow your breathing down and enjoy the you time! 

These have been my main vices but I’m sure there are a hundreds other things you could try! Would love to hear them?? 

The biggest thing I’ve realised is my own self love – if you can’t love yourself then I believe you can’t truly love someone else and even though I did in my situation, I sadly forgot about loving myself.  It’s easy to get lost in relationships, easy to loose yourself and if you have got lost the heartache only hurts more. So be the boss and learn to love yourself again! Remember who you are and what potential you have as an awesome person! “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!” Right? There I bloody said totally tried to avoid it but in this situation is just to true!

Find positive in everything, especially the bad situations! This one once I pulled my head out my arse, is probably the most positive energy I’ve ever felt and that’s a good thing!  The mind is a so powerful and as long as you’re in control.. Life is bliss!

I know it hurts now… but use this energy to create something wonderful!

Would love to hear any thoughts on this?? What other things have helped people?

P.S … I hope you found the cover photo as funny as I did!




On a side note  … With all this positive energy, I’ve decided to start creating online yoga videos for beginners, I’ll be going through Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas and Philosophy. Going through my introduction to yoga and that is a pretty interesting story! I want to help all the people that are in my position, when I first started. Don’t be fooled by the pretentious wanker side of it! It truly helped me through so much and I just can’t wait to help others in the same way!

I’ll be setting up teaching in Taupo, NZ where I’m currently living, so you can follow my trials and tribulations over the next few months with that.

I’ll be back on the road towards the end of the year and can’t wait to be traveling again and living out of a backpack! Also I’ll be doing some more yoga TTC  #girlswhotravel #travelasia

This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to get stuck into this journey!

Enjoy Guys!




Yoga Timelapse Jan 2018

Oneday I will own a better camera to film these much, much better! ❤️🙏🏽

The new mat is wonderful and the best Christmas present! Great way to kick start it back up, I’ve got a little lost with it lately but staying focused!


The new mat! 🙆🏼🙏🏽❤



Anxiety – We Have So Much To Learn!

Ok so you want to hear something ridiculous yet hilarious?!

This is the 4th time I’ve started an article, the other ones being titled,

. Overthinking

.Having A Bad Day… is OK!

.Putting Up Emotional Walls

Well in fact what I truly want to type about and what all of these lead to one thing and that’s anxiety. This has been my demon for the last 3 years and despite being a little better today, I still have my moments where it’s just unbearable. It takes over everything, ruining everything and leaving a path of devastation behind it. The crippling feeling in your stomach, trying to hide your shaking hands. You get the point, It’s a Bitch!! It’s making me a little anxious typing the bloody thing, but balls to the wall, I’m going for it!

So for the past 3 years and counting, I’m still fighting it. I do this in a variety of ways without any aid of meds, I don’t have anything against them in one way but do believe heavily in will power and opening your mind. Don’t worry I won’t go to hippy, but be warned there’s a little.

# Learn How to Breath Properly! We as a world don’t take the time to stop. Our busy lives and consent time schedules, make us forget. Taking 5 big deep breaths, right down to my stomach and all through my lungs, breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 5 seconds and exhaling for 6 seconds. Pure Bliss! I do them when I wake up and just before I go to sleep.

# Yoga is a huge back bone to help keep mine under control. Not only the breathing side of things but keeping myself fit. The balance of yoga is fantastic and I understand it doesn’t work for everyone, but for me it has been life saver. I’m sure I’ll type an article on that story one day! It’s pretty funny! Exercising I also find helps a lot, I’ve recently found a love for Crossfit, due to my crazy mate who teaches it, what a babe, I do admire and love the shit out of that woman. Heaps of endorphins all over the place after a mental session, woo! Love it!

# Meditate! This has been the hardest thing for me to take on, but realising to, stop and think about nothing for 5 – 15 mins a day, does me bloody wonders! Honestly, nope I can barley get past or even reach 15 mins sometimes, but never the less I try! For me it’s an over active mind that increases the anxiety, which if you can learn how to deal with in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing. As long as it doesn’t take over! Shutting down and thinking about nothing, helps me clear my thought process and proceed with life! There’s a variety of different ways to meditate, I prefer the slightly open eyed way, where you concentrate on a certain object. As if I’m in the dark with my eyes closed, my mind can wonder just that little bit more!

# Talk About It! Now admittedly I don’t always pull this off! Maybe thats why currently Im hiding behind a computer screen and talking about it, however I do try! Granted I understand how difficult it can be to speak up about it, but its amazing how many other people do suffer from it and how understanding most people can be and if there not, well that’s there fault not yours!

# Telling Yourself NO!!!! – Granted this one is a little out there but for some reason it seems to work for me! Now if you want to just do it in your head by all means go for, but if you want to seem a little mental about it then look in the mirror!! (Look don’t knock it until you try it!!)

Most importantly… Just go for it! No matter how clammy your hands are getting, no matter how much you feel yourself shaking or your stomach is tied in knots… truly face this shit head on!!

I still get all these feelings, sometimes worse, sometimes not quiet as extreme. But I know in my head and heart that it isn’t permanent. So I do all of these tactics and get the fuck past it, until it shows it’s filthy self again! Someone once described it to much in a way that made a lot of sense… our minds are like spray cans, all shooting in the same direction and sometimes one of those spray cans can get knocked out of place, it’s on you to put it back where it belongs!

I’m not typing this article to preach and tell everybody my way is correct, because it’s bloody not, but it is what works for me and has helped me get through the last 3 years of hell with it! So this just my way of developing more awareness of the subject! Plus I feel amazed I’ve managed to get this down! Now all I gotta do is find the balls to publish the thing!

It’s amazing how we can make ourselves look from an outside point of view. When I do talk about it, the biggest response I get is that, people never would’ve guessed. To be honest though, unless I’ve got a huge sign stuck on my forehead how would you know?! I’m good at hiding the shaking hands. The point being don’t judge a book by it’s cover, know body trill knows what’s going on in peoples heads!

I’m alway open mined to try new things to fight it, feel free to drop a comment!!

I hope this has helped someone – somewhere!




Pure New Zealand… 🇳🇿


How blessed I am to be able to call this place home for a short while. Moving to New Zealand was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!

This country is stunning, in every single way! From the people to the landscape and in all  honesty I haven’t even begun to touch the sides of this fantastic place.

Currently I’m living in Taupo, smack bang in the middle of the North Island, famous for a lake that can fit Singapore into it, (the picture above is just one snippet of it) and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing showcasing Mount Doom from the Lord of the Rings films. Taupo is a seasonal place so despite being very sleepy in the winter, this place comes to life in the summer, with people from across the country flocking down for the day/weekend or even longer. Travellers come from far and wide and I personally will be working like a mad woman! There’s an abundance of things to do, like hikes, swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake, why not try out a skydive, bungy or cannon swing! If thats to much take a visit to the Maori Village or even give glass blowing a go. Whatever tickles your fancy, theres something for everyone in Taupo. It’s a peaceful life with things to do and a wonderful community.

Taupo sunset 1

Sunset from my mates balcony. Pure Bliss! So blessed to be able to see this most if not all nights!

Raglan Waikato District

raglan 2

Picture above is RaglanWaikato District. 

This was last weeks adventures, it’s only about 2.5 hours away from Taupo, towards the North-West. This place is so quaint and wonderful, with every other shop front being a hipster coffee shop or a place to do some yoga. Of course suits me! With this place being so small, yes a tiny population of nearly 3000 and the centre being maybe a 10km squared. It truly is bliss! People walking with no shoes on but a huge smile! In-between the lush places to eat and exercise you’ll find the gaps filed with hippy, arty shops pumping out the smell of incense! Perfect! Combined with being on the beach this place is a must do when in NZ.

raglan 1

Beach!!! Awesome black sand and the most interesting tide I’ve ver seen!

Raglan 3

I’m incredibly lucky to have my visa until January 2019. I would encourage anyone to try this wonderful country out. Can not bloody wait to get my teeth stuck into the rest of it!



Coffee Timelapse ☕️

This is only the second go at this! Different angle from last time and when the GoPro is fixed life will be bliss and much much easier! 🙌🏽🙆🏼❤


Finding Time For Yourself…


Right, so lets face it, this is a funny old subject. I personally believe in about finding the time for yourself and stand by enjoying your own company. Don’t get me wrong I’m surrounded by my stunning beautiful friends, who are wonderful and I wouldn’t change them for the world! I in fact love being surrounded by people, but I also bloody love my own time. Now the reason I’m typing this up is because that at this exact moment is what I’m doing. Tucked away in a coffee shop, drinking the biggest latte they have, which if I’m honest is never bloody big enough. My arms are still shaking from the Crossfit at 6.30am, the music that is currently in my ears, is some form of drum and bass, which admittedly is making me want to dance like a tool, I’m typing really loud because I don’t understand how to type quietly and smirking at everything, because I’m a smiler. But the point of this is… Bollocks to it! Yep I maybe sort of look like a dick, but I’m a happy one!

This is the problem I believe, is that people fear doing stuff on there own. I bloody did, until I let go of every fuck I ever gave about other peoples opinions. Ha ok a little extremely put but seriously, if you can’t laugh at yourself then what truly can you laugh at!? Dance like no one is watching , smile until your face hurts and treat everyone how you expect to be treated! Ok going off point a little there, anyway despite if you think you always ‘need’ to be around people, I can’t stress enough to change that ‘need’ to ‘want’ , you choose on your terms and nobody else’s. As I’ll mention this a hundred times thru out this blog, but really truly find the balance between it.

Nope I’m not telling everyone to go mental and bugger the world off, I’m backing the point of being truly happy within yourself. I’m 29 and honestly only just started figuring this out in the last 2/3 years of my life! Ha wish I figured it before but thats also cool! I always thought that I needed people to make me happy, which admittedly I sort of do in a strange way, as I personally feed off peoples energies, the good and the bad, so without going one step to hippy for you all, as I’m sure there will be many hippy articles, I still have heaps of people in my life but I also spend heaps of time by myself.

I appreciate that sometimes life is a bitch and you can’t always find time to wank it about in a coffee shop for an hour or so, I don’t know maybe you’ve got heaps of kids a demanding partner or work 80+ hours a week, also get all this too. So find 5 minutes! Yep 5mins to meditate/stare at a wall or just keep your eyes closed and not think about anything. The point being, its all about that YOU time!! I need a few hours a week some people need days and others just need 5 mins, whatever suits you the best then find it and roll with it!

So this is a strange one… How many of you have been to the cinema by yourself?? Surprisingly people look at me like I’m a raving nutter when I say I’m happy to go by myself and I have, many of times. You don’t really need to go with anyone? Know body bloody talks through it? Right? Don’t get me wrong theres been one or two times where it’s been great film and I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, but again that’s also fine! I just tell one of my mates when I next see them. Seriously though think about it!? I feel like the pressure of the world we live in can also give people a false sense of what is the “norm” and bollocks to that as well. There is no “norm” we don’t have to be married by a certain time, we don’t have to have kids by a certain time and we most certainly don’t have to be stuck to someones hip for happiness.

It’s made me a better person, more confident and truly happy!

Well that’s my morning rant over! Ha but seriously this article isn’t meant to be negative, it’s my own personal experience and I adore the fact that I can now truly give people what they deserve from me. Happiness, Love and Honesty!

Give it a try! XX


I was trying to load a really rubbish pic of my coffee and laptop but thus Apple you win again and I can’t get it over, so this will have to do!



My Love For Asia…


Awe Asia! Asia!.. Asia! Where do I begin! Not quiet got them all down yet but a good chunk. I adore how different all the countries are, from culture to landscape, religious influences and the variety of stunning and delicious foods each wonderful country offers.

Let’s start with… Thailand!

I remember my first encounter with Thailand when I was about 16, thats was it, I fell in love with Asia from that first time and never stopped going back.

Recently in the last 5 years since leaving the UK, I’ve spent best part of a year there on and off. Don’t get me wrong the tourist route is a good one, but that’s only the beginning with this stunning country!

Koh Lanta 1

One of my favourite places on earth let alone Thailand! Koh Lanta district. It spans across several islands and the most popular being Koh Lanta Yai. However with a small population of 30,000 or so depending on what time of the year go, you’ll find yourself being the only one on the beach! Pure Bliss! The locals are wonderful, fresh coconuts all day long and some of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen. You can walk heaps, go tracking through jungles and spend as much time in the sea as you feel. Riding a scooter is a massive advantage here, however there are still the infamous Tuk Tuks to help!

I stayed at the Reggae bar, of course right on the beach and in the traditional Thai style beach hut, topped with the swinging hammock outside!

Koh Phangan 1

I adore that Thailand keeps giving, even after all these years, I keep finding different places every time I go back. The picture above is Koh Phan Ngan but noooo not the Koh Phan Ngan as you might think you know it! This is Mai Pen Rai bay on the east coast of the island, “Mai Pen Rai” in Thai means “No Worries” and that’s the exact feeling you get when you’re down here! I found this place one of the first times I came to the island when I was a pup, granted after visiting recently last year, it is slightly more built up than when I first saw it, still retains it’s chilled vibe. Nice to see a road put in as now it’s much easier to access.

Prepare to do not a lot! Take a walk over to the derelict huts past the water lizards! Yes be careful they can be a little feisty, but for sure worth the walk over. Smoke a joint, sip on a fresh fruit smoothie and enjoy the pure bliss this place has to offer!

I’m not a huge full moon party but I do stand by try everything once and if you do, then this is a great place to recover!!

These are just two of my favourite places to start with in Thailand. I truly am in love with this wonderful and beautiful country. From the people, culture, land scape, food and paradise spots you can tuck yourself away in.  Thailand in my opinion really does offer it all and i can’t wait to keep finding more and more of it.





Source: Travel


There’s always time to get lost in some SunFlowers! This is in the middle of Laos, in the Xiangkhoang Plateau to the east of the country.

The Plain of Jars they call them. Absolutely fascinating! I adore Laos and love doing the run from Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang but this was amazing, off the “normal” tourist route and a must do! It’s not even that hard to get to, we all know it’s South East Asia and there’s some form of transport going somewhere, well most of the time. Anyway jump on a small and tight compact 16 seater mini van, drive for best part of 8/9 hours through the hills and sharp bends, warning take some travel sick pills if you suffer from it! And then you’re there!



Can’t believe I’ve done this…

OK so admittedly, I’m not really the sort of person to right a blog, more of the “creative” type, they used to say and never really that good at spelling if I’m completely honest, so for this i will apologise in advance!

However despite being also a bit of a technophobe I decided to give this blog marlarkie a go!

The last 5 years have been insane and life changing for me and I have to many funny/terrifying stories and tips to share.

I’m soon approaching 30 and have shook off the fear of the “norm” I don’t have a mortgage, kids a real job, hell I don’t even currently really have a country to live in permanently, but the point is I am truly happy! I have a vague plan and that’s cool!

The more modern day hippy if you had to pigeon hole me for something. Life truly is beautiful and people fascinate me everyday!

Anyway with fear of me waffling on, I’ll get to the point. This blog will mostly be me wearing my heart on my sleeve, trying to be funny and trying to make peoples lives a little easier learning from my mistakes! Mixed up with to many travel, coffee and yoga refs!

Enjoy Beauts!